Mariana Sparr

HTML5, CSS, Javascript
Libraries such as Jquery, GSAP, Zepto, CreateJS, etc
Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing
AdServing Technologies

Download my Resume (PDF format)

For further information about me and my background, do not hesitate to download my Resume (PDF format), where you can find more about my previous employers and projects.

Microsoft Windows 10 Cortana Banner for German Campaign
Weingut Georgien
Weingut Georgien Wine store in Jena, Germany
Schulthess Laundry Maschine Branding in Switzerland

Banners created/developed


Banner problems solved


Lines of code written


Successfull Campaigns


Would you like to run an online campaign but has so far only some images, logos and corporate identity guidelines avaliable? I can help you design a banner which fits the specifications, so that your mediaplan budget won't rundown with heavy banners.

Banner Consulting

Do you need an idea for an eyecatching execution, but don't know where to start on the technical side and have no clue if it is doable based on publisher specs or adserver capabilities? Not sure which material to use and so on?


Do you have your banner layout or storyboard ready to go online, but don't have any developers to animate it? Not sure if/how your planned content can be achieved with HTML5 or how to deal with adserver and publisher specs?

Flash to HTML

Are you getting emails from publishers saying you should replace your campaign's flash ads with HTML5 as they are not properly displaying in Chrome or are not showing at all on mobile devices? I can rebuild your banners as HTML5 (as far as it is technically possible)!

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  •  Buchaer Str. 8b,
  •  Jena, Germany