Mariana Sparr - das bin ich!

Mariana Sparr

Wo am I?

Just an ordinary girl, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil but living in Jena, Germany. I've been working with Internet since 1999 in many different areas on the Internet advertising.

What I do?

Banners! Designing, animating, developing and bringing them to life, as well as consulting, conception, troubleshooting, supporting and other banner-related stuff.

Why I do it?

Because I love it! Did my first website back in 1997, with Windows 3.1 as we had only a 14400 bit/s dialup internet connection, old school! Since then, I fell in love with coding. :-)

Since when?

Since 2006 professionally in the market as a multimedia developer and creative account manager, programming and troubleshooting banners for clients and agencies.

HTML5, CSS, Javascript (and Flash if still needed)
Libraries such as Jquery, GSAP, Zepto, CreateJS, etc
Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Cut/Editing
AdServing Technologies

PDF download

For further information about me and my background, do not hesitate to download my Resume (PDF format). You can also find more about myself on the social media section.


Your creativity has no boundaries but you don't know how to put it into practice or if it is technically doable at all? I will find it out for you!

Banner production and development

Do you have (or need) an idea for a cool execution but have no clue where to start from? Let me guide you step by step through the entire workflow.

Troubleshooting, technical Know-How

Are you running a campaign which is crashing a site or not working as expected? You get errors on uploading your ads to the Adserver? I will help!

AdServer experienced
since 2006

Including Adform, Sizmek, DoubleClick, FlashTalking and many others. Do you have a banner with the wrong Specs? I can fix that too!

Maserati Wettbewerber
Maserati Wettbewerber campaign
Mazola Bubbles
Mazola Bubbles campaign
Franz AG
Autohaus Franz AG Spring sale campaign
Maserati Facchinetti
Maserati Autohaus Facchinetti campaign
Weingut Georgien
Weingut Georgien Tbilvino Affiliate campaign

Produced banners


Ad issues solved


Written lines of code


Accompanied campaigns

Adform Adserver

Two years as creative account manager at the Adserver plattform Adform - years long experience with international campaigns.

Five years as creative support engineer, later as team lead for Germany and Nordics at Sizmek (formerly Eyeblaster/Mediamind).

Certificated DoubleClick Creative, implemented effective Rich Media campaings.
DoubleClick Studio Certified DoubleClick HTML5 Certified DoubleClick YouTube Masthead Certified DoubleClick QA Certified

Production of complex and successful Rich Media campaigns, including some quite peculiar special and responsive formats.

HTML5 Rich Media is a creative ad that has a much stronger advertising impact than traditional banners. The tracking systems used thereby enable a better understanding of customer preferences and thus increase the flexibility to meet customer requirements. The individually tailored reponsive banner advertising exploits all the potential from smartphone to tablet until desktop devices. Through the use of HTML5, the efficiency of the programming is increased and the creation of versatile interfaces becomes easier.

This flexibility also opens up an infinitely wide range of design options for the ads, which makes the technical handling more complex. I would be happy to help you by finding a technically optimal solution for you through my individual consultation for your online advertising and showing you responsive possibilities. Through my experience I take care of the technical support of your online advertising and bring your advertising to life through individually tailored animations. Do you have a storyboard, layout or concept that should be realized? As an HTML5 Developer, I would be glad to help you with proper programming. In doing so, HTML5 banners are developed and adapted according to your individual requirements, whereby our creativity is hardly limited.

I can also support you with your ongoing campaigns and, thanks to my debugging know-how, ensure a flawless functioning of your advertising. In doing so, the problem is illuminated by a number of pages and the possible causes are searched for. Also, through my Adserver experience over many years, I can customize the right features for your ads. This works effectively and quickly because I know the current systems best, which is underlined by the numerous campaigns I supported and created advertising banners for.


Do you need an idea for an eyecatching execution, but don't even know where to start on the technical side and have no clue if it is doable based on publisher specs or adserver capabilities? Not sure which material will be needed and so on?


Would you like to run an online campaign but have so far only corporate identity guidelines avaliable? I can help you design a banner which fits the specifications, so that your mediaplan budget won't rundown with heavy banners.


Do you have your banner layout or storyboard ready to go online, but don't have any developers to animate it? Not sure if/how your planned content can be achieved with HTML5 or how to deal with adserver and publisher specs?


Individual setup and professional deployment all ads to your desired Adserver or the mostly known Adservers such as Adform, Sizmek, DoubleClick and Flashtalking. You provide me the access, I will make your ads run.

Mariana Sparr
     Ludwigstr. 91
     D-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen